Introduction of Forex Trading and Its Market

Introduction of Forex Trading and Its Market


The term of Forex must be familiar enough to hear nowadays. But then, what is it actually? is that true that joining this trading gives you a chance to gain much profit in the short time? Well, here is the explanation. Forex actually stands for Foreign Exchange. Foreign here means the foreign currencies for sure. As an example, you may buy Euro and at the same time, you also sell USD. It means that you have exchanged your USD with Euro.

Slightly, it is not different from money exchange activities done in Money Changers. Although the main principles are basically the same, those are different particularly in term of functions. When you exchange the certain currency in money changer manually, it is purposed for having a certain currency to ease you to do transactions. This activity is commonly done when you want to go abroad. Well, trading Forex is more about investment done through online system with a purpose for profit. In other words, it is a kind of business activities and even profession. To smooth the process, there is also medium here, known as Forex broker.

Where can we find the profit anyway? Here is another difference between money exchange through Money Changer and through Forex. Since Money Changer is purely for helping the customers to ease their activities and transaction abroad, the customers may not exchange it again later. Meanwhile, Forex activities tend to let you keep the exchanged currency to be exchanged again later. You may buy Euro when its value is lower toward USD. Some weeks later, when you find this value is getting higher, you can sell or exchange it into USD which means there will be money excess here. The money excess or deviation between the second and first exchanges is the source of your profit anyway. Tips on How to Read Forex Quotes

Forex Market

This business is not done phisically anyway. all the selling and buying activities must be done through sites known as the trading platform. Different from the traditional one, Forex Market involves many realms particularly those businessmen. There are even multinational banks, companies, government, and institutions are involved here.

By remembering that it involves many people and big companies globally, it is reasonable to say that Forex market is really interesting and profitable. Why? Forex is indeed the biggest trading market with money velocity up to $4Trillion per day. More than that, it is also very liquid as you can buy and sell no matter how much it is.

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7 Tips from Forex Expert Traders

7 Tips from Forex Expert Traders

Forex is a simple thing but this system can be complicated for many people. Here are tips from a professional trader.

Use Stop Loss

You should not trade without using stop-loss as this can be used to avoid bad things. You must be prepared with all the risks resulting from this trading system. The risk can be avoided by using the stop loss.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

There are many traders who only use technical analysis and this is the wrong thing. There are many traders who rely solely on fundamental analysis and this is a bad thing. You should use these two analyzes to understand the market condition well. You can see the obvious from those market conditions. This makes you not feel hesitant to do the trade.

Do Not Involve Emotion

This trading system can be a fun thing but this system can also make you feel confused. You should not involve your emotions while trading because it will produce something bad. If you can hold your emotions, then you will not take a position in a hurry and avoid the loss. The position must be taken with the right consideration.

Avoid Over Trade

You cannot add positions because you feel there is a chance to make a profit. This is a bad decision because you can face the market with the right amount of positions. You can compete in the market of crude oil and gold with the right amount.

Use Money Management Strategies

You can limit the number of your losses with money management strategy. Experts advise limiting the risk to 3 to 5% of initial capital for a trade. The risk is too great will harm you. You have to be brave to take a chance but you have to have a reason for it.

Use Some Timeframe

Do not just look at one particular timeframe. You should see some timeframes for the market to be noticeable in your eyes. You can compare the movement of medium-term with intraday. That is one example for you.  

Create Your Trading Plan

The trading plan is very important because it will be your guide. You will not lose direction after planning the trading. If you fail, then you are planning to fail. The trading plan can help you to determine the next step.Effective Forex Trading Strategies You Should Try

Those are some tips for forex trading suggested by experts. Experts who have successfully made this investment will never rash the trading. Experts are always thinking about the risks of the move.

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How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

An important object for forex trading is to benefit from a change in the value of one currency and the pair from that currency. Here's an explanation of the trading.

This is one business that attracts a lot of people to earn a lot of money. You only need a small capital to get a big profit. This is what makes a lot of people interested in doing this business. You need to know how to profit from this trade. There are two types of profits that can be generated from this trade. The two types consist of a clutch with big profits and a profit with a steady profit but you can get those benefits several times.

There are many people who choose to profit several times with a stable profit. You can get those benefits easily. This investment will be a profitable venture. There are some trades that offer a quick way to profit but you have to be careful because the way is not necessarily true and safe.

Profitable Investment

No one is refusing to make a profit but the way to make a profit is not as easy as you think. There are several stages to get the benefits. There are many people who fail to get the benefits so you must have a strong determination to do this way.

There is no perfect trading system in the world so you have to stop looking for it. You have to set your mindset and throw out negative thoughts that you will get the loss. The key to success is to turn on your computer and learn about the trading system. You can open some trusted websites to view charts of the trading system. The graph will display the trends that are on the market so you can read the graph to determine the next step.

Make Schedule

If you want to trade, then you have to make a schedule. You can create a schedule for Monday to Friday. You can start the activity from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM and do not forget to have the lunch break at 12.00 PM. You should not be stressed when trading so you can do other things on the sidelines of that time.

You can search for a profitable trading system and make a list of losses. This is done to prepare for the worst conditions. You can try to record profit and loss every day. This is done so that you can do the evaluation easily for one month. You can also see your performance for a month and improve performance when investing for forex.


The Basics of Forex

The Basics of Forex

If you are new to Forex, then you read the right article. This article will explain the trades simply.


Forex is a foreign exchange known as the currency market or FX. This is the largest exchange in the world with trading volume reaching $ 4 trillion every day. This trade is open to individual investors and large institutions. The purpose of this trade is quite simple. This is similar to other speculations because you can buy a currency for a certain price and sell the currency at a higher price than before to make a profit.

Maybe you are confused to understand the way it is because the price of one currency will be determined in another currency. You can see that the price for one British pound will be measured by two US dollars. The value for the UK currency in this trade will be represented by 2.0000 for USD or GBP. The currency will be grouped so that it can show the exchange rate of the two currencies. The price of the first currency will be indicated by the second currency.

There are some of the most traded currency pairs in this exchange. The currencies are EUR / GBP, ESD / JYP, and EUR / USD.

You can trade with minor currencies like NOK for Norway, PLN for Poland and MXN for Mexico. This currency is not common merchandise so that the spread of trade will be wider than the leading currency. Maybe you can consider doing the trade.  What Is Forex Trading?

Trading Spread

This is the same as other trading prices because the spread of this currency is the selling price that can be sold and the price can be bought at the high end. You should know that spreads will reflect the first and second currency. The offer price for 1.3000 EUR / USD is $ 1.30 to get € 1. If you think that the euro price against the dollar will increase, then you can buy the currency. If you think that the price of the euro against the dollar will decrease, then you will sell the currency.

CFD Trading

You can use two different vehicles for trading i.e. CFD and spread betting. The product can give you the freedom to speculate about currency market movements and you do not need to trade in physical. You can operate with different techniques. You must set a bet to know the price shift of the currency. You can sell and buy contracts that represent the size of a particular trade. You do not need to provide a currency value just to open the position. You can make a trading deposit for forex trading.

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Forex Trading Strategis for Beginners

Forex Trading Strategis for Beginners

Forex requires proper consideration. You should not trade without a plan because it is disaster. Here are some plans for you.

Crossing Moving Average

Moving Average or MA is the most common indicator that is widely used by traders. MA can identify trend direction so that professional and novice trader will use this indicator. If MA is below the price, then this means that the price is in the bullish trend. If the MA is above the price, then the trend is bearish. This technique uses a crossing moment. The indicator line will move its position as MA passes the price and this indicates a change of direction from the trend.

Overbought and Oversold

Overbought is the condition of price increase has reached the maximum level so that the price will go down. Oversold is the price condition that descends to the most area that so the price will increase. This technique cannot be seen on the chart so you need a signal from the indicator to see the technique. The indicators consist of CCI, Stochastic, and RSI. Each indicator has different standards.

RSI will show the oversold limit at 30 and overbought at level 70. CCI will give an oversold signal when the price has been broken through -100 and overbought when the indicator is past the +100 limit. Stochastic has a level of 80 and 20. If you understand this indicator, then beginners can do the right technique to trade.The Best 3 of Forex Trading Strategies

Sideways Trading

This is a situation when prices are flat and moving steadily. This movement often occurs in the market but traders do not use this situation because this condition is not potential but the opinion is wrong. If traders understand the trading techniques in this market, then traders can benefit in an easy way. This technique relies on the level of resistance and support that becomes the upper and lower limits for prices in certain areas.

Support resistance will be determined by many things like the Pivot Point method, the Fibonacci tool, the psychological level, and the price pattern. If the price hit the support, then the price will rise. If the price is near the resistance, then the price will go down.

Breakout Trendline

This technique is different from sideways strategy because this technique can be used when the market is trending. Actually, this is a vertical line that can be the resistance and support. Breakout will occur when the price can break the trendline and the price is changing direction. If the line is tested strongly, then the breakout will be the start of the reversal.

That is forex trading strategies for beginners. Beginners must learn well in order to understand the strategy. Do not enter this trading without complete knowledge because it will make you go astray.

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The Best 3 of Forex Trading Strategies

 The Best 3 of Forex Trading Strategies

If talking about forex, then you must know the right strategy for trading. Here are some effective strategies that can be applied when trading.

The Powerful Fundamental Factor

This is the trading done by using the market respond when the economic data has been released by related parties. You should also know that the market will move volatile when the figures from the announced economic data become worse or better than you think. An example is better-than-expected NFP data so the USD will rise significantly in the first 20 minutes. If the data is worse than expected, then the USD will decline or weaken sharply. This will cause the counterpart to move down and rise sharply. 3 Strategies of Forex Trading for Professional Traders

Another example is the data causes the USD to strengthen so that other currencies will move down. You can benefit from that price movement once NFP data is released in the market. The economic data used to implement this strategy is the decision of the Fed and US NFP rates.

Use Rounded Numbers for Resistance

The round numbers referred to in this article are price levels such as 100.000, 0.50000, 1.0000, 1.50000, and so on. Uneven numbers are price levels such as 139.387, 1.58837, and so on. Usually, round numbers are also referred to as psychological levels because these are key resistance.

If you see the price is moving above the rounded level, then that level will be the key resistance. You can open a buy position and refer to that level area. If the price is below that level, then you can open the opportunity to sell position.

Use Technical Indicator Combinations

This is called a trading system because professional traders will use the indicator so that one indicator can cover the weakness of other indicators. The trader can get a stronger signal than the usual way. You can see the technical analysis used for a particular team. The analysis uses Fibonacci Retracement, Moving Average, Commodity Channel Index, and Stochastic Oscillator.

Moving Average is used to amplify the bias. Moving Average will be a dynamic support area when the trend is clearly visible in the market. If the trend is difficult to determine, then Moving Average will give you a clue. The directive may indicate a bullish, bearish, and intraday bias.

Moving Average can be combined with Fibonacci Retracement in forex trading to provide good information on the area. Fibonacci retracements can define the benchmark for that market and this can be reinforced by the Moving Average. If this method merges into one, then the analysis will be strong and valid.

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3 Strategies of Forex Trading for Professional Traders

3 Strategies of Forex Trading for Professional Traders

Talking about forex trading means to discuss information of trading strategies in internet. All strategies cannot be claimed to sucessful and great really functioning. Here are some strategies in trading forex for professional traders.

Strongly Fundamental Movement Factor

When you want to trade forex, you need to concern on strong fundamental movement. This way is benefiting market response when there are economics release data. The market usually moves volatile if the number of particular economics data is announced better or worse than estimation. For example, if US non – farm payroll is released better than estimation, USD will strengthen significantly at least the first 20 minutes. Otherwise, if the data is worse than the estimation, USD will be promising. As a result, counterpart will move up and down.

Using Round Number as the Support or Resistance

What is meant to be round number in forex trading? Round number is price level like 1.50000, 0.50000, 100.000 and etc. Meanwhile, there are some numbers not regarded to be round such as 138.387, 1.398775, and etc. The round number is called to be psycological level usually being support area or key resistance. As an example, when you see moving price on the psycological level, the level becomes a key support. You can open a position of buy with stop loss direction on the psycological level. Otherwise, if the price penetrates to the down level, you can get a promising chance to open sell position. 7 Tips from Forex Expert Traders

Using Technical Indicator Combination

It is often called to be trading system in forex. Professional traders usually use some technical indicators with a particular purpose. The indicator can cover and handle the weakness of the other indicators so that produced signal is expected to be confirmed. As an example, you can see applied technical analysisi by Market Analyst Forex team. The team uses Stochastic Oscillator, Moving Average, and Fibonnacci Retracement.

Moving Average is used to help the strength of trend. If the trend is seen clearly such as uptrend or downtrend, Moving Average has a function to be support area or dynamic resistance. But, if the trend tends to be difficult to determine, it gives directions and guidance. Moving Average can collaborate to Fibonacci Retracement to give information of good entry area. The support area for entry market can be determined by Fibonacci Retracement only but it strengthens with Moving Average. In order to optimize forex, you can apply the right strategies for trading it.

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What Is Forex Trading?

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is not an easy thing to do. But, it doesn’t mean that it is difficult to learn. The forex traders generally start from amateurs who don’t know about forex. With endless spirit, they can master forex trading.

What Is Forex?

Forex or foreign exchange is the biggest market investment in the world and keeps developing rapidly every year. A forex trading shows that it reaches $5,3 billion per a day in April 2013. This is increasing starting $4.0 bilion on April 2010 and $3.3 bilion on April 2007. The biggest trading volume causes high liquidity in forex trading. The online forex trading and liquidity in forex trading keep increasing so that it attracts the biggest participation from some sides. The Basics of Forex

When Do You Trade Forex?

You can do forex trading anytime except weekend for 24 hours per a day and 5 days in a week with the biggest trading session in Europe, Asia, and America. It is your turn to determine trading with short time range or long term time. All depend on the type of a trader. Of course, forex strategies used need to consider the trading time.

What Is Forex Trading?

What Is the Form of Forex Products?

Forex is traded in a form of currency pair. It is not like market stock in which you can buy or sell your single stock. You have to buy currency and sell the other currencies in forex trading. The currency pair mostly traded are Euro, dollar, sterling, and yen. You can choose those currencies if you want to trade forex.

The forex trading can cause value exchange of currency. The main cause is supply and demand. When the world requires more dollars, it is causing the value of dollar increasing. When there are many dollars spreading, it affects the low price. The strength moving market stock has effect to the value exchange of currency. The other factors are the increase of interest, economics data from the biggest countries, geopolitics strict, and the other factors influencing the value of currency.

Where Do You Trade Forex?

Are you a beginner learning forex trading? You can do forex trading anywhere you are. It is important to connect to internet network. The development of forex market is growing rapidly and the growth of online forex steakholders become a good partner in trading to be a right guidance. An online forex trading system is of course helpful but you must be careful in choosing online steakholder regulated officially for the safety in trading forex.

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Effective Forex Trading Strategies You Should Try

Effective Forex Trading Strategies You Should Try

Forex trading gives benefits for the traders. The most important thing, you have to do this trading along with the right strategy. If it is your first time in doing forex trading, just check the list of forex trading strategies below. 

Pin Bar Strategy 

The first forex strategy you can do is pin bar strategy in which you have to know the pattern. By knowing the pattern, you can easily identify the condition on the chart. What you have to do is trying to find the time when the market came into resistance.
3 Strategies of Forex Trading for Professional Traders

Inside bar Trading Strategy 

Inside bar forex trading strategy is a little bit different to pin bar strategy. The significant different is on its continuous pattern. The idea is how to use a pending order to trade a breakout by following the major trend. In this strategy, you have to notice the bar preceding the inside bar. In specific, you have to check the size of the bar. The interesting part is when you face consolidation period. 

Forex Breakout Strategy 

Forex Breakout strategy is also considered as a great strategy if you want to invest your time and money on forex. This strategy is trying to breakout the actual strategy along with significant result. Let say, you have to wait for a pullback while trading before retesting and entering the market. One more thing you need to notice is the breakout appears from the wedge pattern. It is totally different to the ordinary forex trading strategy in which you have to check the horizontal level. That’s why you have to notice how the market has worked into a terminal wedge. In specific, the pattern has to be come to an end. You can start the trade when the market breaks to either side. Then, you can start to retest the level as a new resistance. The Best 3 of Forex Trading Strategies

The point is that there is no best strategy to apply in forex trading. You can use those three forex strategies. The time to use the strategy is by seeing the condition. Just learn the condition carefully and clearly before deciding the best forex strategy you want to use. Sometimes, you don’t get significant result in your first trial although you have used one of the strategies above. Just try it more and more and the more you try, you will get more experience. You can make better forex trading decision along with your experience. As the result, you can apply the strategy well to be an expert forex trader.

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Setting up a Forex Trading Account and Making Money out of it

Setting up a Forex Trading Account and Making Money out of it

Opening and making a profit out of your Forex trading account is simple. Here are the things that you should know before you begin trading on the platform.

How to open an account?

Opening the account is simple matter. What makes things interesting are the regulations and the services are different with each account provider. The things that you should consider before you open up an account on a certain provider are the leverage levels, the commission being asked, and the reputation of that account provider. 

The leverage level is important because every potential loss and profit comes from it. High leverage level brings a higher amount of risk, but that also means you will make a huge profit if the trade is ever successful. The level has many ranges, but the ordinary ones will offer you a 50:1 ratio (which means if you invest 1,000 USD, you will control a 50,000 USD on capital) while the higher one can go up to 250:1. The latter will do traders who are experienced better than the novices, so make sure that you pick the provider with the best leverage ratio based on your experience.

The fees and the commission should be your least of your worries when we are talking about Forex accounts. The providers will never ask for any additional fees aside from the spread, so you can be sure that your profit will definitely be higher than when you trade stocks or equities. Some providers specializes on a certain currency pairs, so if you want to get the highest profit ever, make sure to choose the right account provider for your currency pair.

Reputation is also a good thing to consider when you are looking for an account provider. Because the leverage level is high and the risk is somewhat greater, you will need a credible platform to work on your trading. You do not want to have that high profit trade get hijacked by a lying provider, do you not? 3 Strategies of Forex Trading for Professional Traders

How to make a profit out of any other currencies

Trading in Forex could not be any more easier. You have two ways of trading, and in the first one you just need to make sure to look at the ask and the bid quotas and balance the potential profit and the potential loss before making the decision. It is the easiest of the two, but the profit will not be that high and the loss will be high if you ever loss the trade.

The second way is to purchase a derivative that will make you buy or sell a certain currencies when they reach a certain level. Options will have you buy a currency pair at a set amount, thereby lowering the risk of loss. Futures will obligate you to buy a certain currency pair at a designated time, forcing you to stay on track with the current Forex trading process and prevent loss.


The Bad and the Good of Forex Trading

The Bad and the Good of Forex Trading

Knowing the good and the bad of Forex trading is something that you should know before you delve into this type of trade.

What makes Forex a good trading option?

I have one thing that can probably covers the good section of Forex trades: the liquidity. Thanks to its high level of liquidity, one can be sure that one will make a fortune each time the money moves somewhere. High leverage level is pretty common in this type of trade, but with high leverage comes high profit. You can play around with the 100,000 USD folks by only paying the small amount of 1,000 USD, with the rest of the 99,000 USD borrowed from the Forex broker (hence why the leverage level is high).  The Best 3 of Forex Trading Strategies

Aside from the high level of liquidity and how high leverage level is such an accepted norm, the market is also open nearly 24 hours a day. If your time is somewhat taken by another type of trade, you should not be afraid because the Forex market will still be open to you even when you are already in your bed with the reading light on. The trading hubs for Forex trading are spread on many countries with differing time zones, making 24 hours operation possible.

The brokers over Forex will not ask too much of a compensation either. They will only ask for the spread when they have closed a transaction, which can be pretty low depending on the currencies being traded. 

What makes Forex a bad trading option?

The high leverage. While high level of leverage is the norm for Forex trading, you can be sure that it can be a double-edge blade for those involved. If the currency you are after somewhat moved against your wish, then you will be in a world full of debt. Paying your leverage debt will be hard thanks to how high the debt level is and the lack of profit.

The high leverage level will also bring about another complications: the high number of potential profit loss. Say that you use 100:1 leverage on 5,000 USD. This would mean you control 500,000 USD on the capital department. If you put all that 500,000 USD on a currency and that currency moves against you, the capital’s worth will be reduced, effectively reducing the amount of capital you got. Now because that capital money is not yours entirely, you loss lots of money. That is possibly the worst thing that can happen on a case of Forex trading.

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Tips on How to Read Forex Quotes

Tips on How to Read Forex Quotes

Forex quotes will be something that you will consume every day if you want to trade over there. Here is how you read them.

How to read the most basics of quote

Say you encountered something like ‘USD/JPY = 120’ over some Forex website and you wonder what the thing means. This quote and many other quotes resembling this one will be the first thing you should notice when you trade in Forex. This quote simply tells you about the current buying price of a certain currency with another certain currency. In this quote, the currencies in the talk are US Dollar (as the base currency) and Japanese Yen (as the counter currency). This quote simply indicates that you will get 120 Japanese Yen for a dollar. The base currency, no matter if it is USD or IDR or SGD, will always come in a denomination of one.  

There is also two things called direct currency and indirect currency

To put it simply, the quotation above is what we call as a direct quote. It is called just so because the JPY is the domestic currency and the USD is the foreign currency. To turn it into an indirect quote, you just need to swap the place around and you will get your indirect quote. Be mindful that reading indirect quotes can be pretty hard because dollars are more often than not the stronger currency out of the two in comparison. If you insist on using indirect quotations, be prepared to see lots of 0,000… and the kind on the price.

Cross currency is also available.   How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

This one is pretty easy to explain: you just need to omit the USD from any quotes and you will have a cross currency quote. This quote here is used if you want to trade foreign currencies aside from USD directly. You can use it to find the best possible price to exchange your domestic currencies for another foreign currencies that are weaker than US Dollars. This type of quotes are rather odd, though, so do not expect it to have a high trade value on a daily basis. Some people thrives on cross currency, some thinks that this just brings further complications.

Ask and bid on the currency market

Like any other type of markets, there are also ask and bid numbers over Forex. You will see something like this on paper:

USD/CAD = 1.1000/04

Bid = 1.1000

Ask = 1.1004

Reading this is easy. If you want to buy any certain currency, you look at the numbers after ask. According to the ask below, you will be able to buy one US dollar with 1.1004 Canadian Dollars. If you want to sell, you look at the bid price. For a USD sold to the Forex market, you will get 1.1000 Canadian Dollars.


The Newbie Investor Guide on Forex: Currency Trading

The Newbie Investor Guide on Forex: Currency Trading

Currency trading in Forex can be jarring for newbie investors, but it is simple both on the premise and on the actual practice.

Currency trading and the basics

Currency trading (or money trading, to make it simple) is a type of trading that is exciting to say the least. It is exciting thanks to how fast paced the transactions are and how lucrative each transactions can be. Once upon a time, not all people can trade currency as they trade stocks, but with the coming of internet, that feat is no longer a feat that only rich people can do. The common trader can now do that trade easily through the web, and it only adds to the incentive on why people prefer to trade currency rather than stocks. 

People prefer to trade currency for one simple reason: the level of fluctuation is not high. Because the price will not change on the most volatile of ways, the level of risk will decrease significantly, making it one of the risk free trading out there. Because of that, it is only expected that people prefer to play their money around currencies rather than stocks. It is also pretty liquid, adding further incentive for the common folks because they are often the one who benefits from high level of liquidity. read:Three Essential Rules in Forex or Forex Trading

Should I invest on and trade currencies?

If extreme liquidity is your game, then you can be sure that currency trading will not disappoint you. While the leverage number is big, the market has adapted to that, reducing any risks that may come from the trade. It is not easy to move thanks to its dependence on supply and demands, making it safe from corporate intervention. Even central banks cannot easily move the price at will. A careful consideration based on the availability of the currency is needed for the price to move, and even if it moved, the movement will be less significant compared to the price of a stock.

Like I said before, currency trading can be a bit difficult to handle compared to stock trading and other type of investments. That does not make currency trading an impossible thing to do for the common folk, though.  If you are a starting investor interested in learning more about it, there are tips and tricks you can follow to understand currency movement. 

That is all I have surrounding the basics of currency trading. I hope this article can help you learn a bit if Forex is your next addition to your investment portfolio.

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Forex Trading for Beginners: What is Forex?

Forex Trading for Beginners: What is Forex?

For you traders looking to spread your wings on Forex, it is only right for you to learn a bit about it.

What is Forex?

For novice traders, the term Forex might be a bit confusing because of the many varieties of trading places available to them. For the pro traders, however, Forex would be like a walk in the park because of how simple it is. It is simple for many reasons, and those reasons will elaborated below.

Before we can begin talking about Forex and how to ‘win’ at the place, it is only fair for us to learn little about it. For starters, Forex is the short for foreign exchange. In this place, any foreign exchanges take place within the laws of several regulations. The trade item in place is none other than currencies themselves. This place is basically a humongous money exchange centre for some and a foreign currency market for others. The Basics of Forex

If you are without the proper knowledge about investing in currencies, then this place would seem an ordinary money exchanger at the first glance, but if you know a tiny speck of foreign currency trading, you will notice that this place can be a place where people make money. The amount of money coming from those trades are not that small either, so one can make a fortune as long as one follows the rules and guidelines of Forex trading. Those rules and guidelines will be written on the other article, however, because for now we will get intimate with Forex before we can invite on to a dinner.

Why Forex and not others?

Simply because Forex is the biggest and the most liquid marketplace ever. The stock market got nothing on this place, and do not get me started on mutual funds and other type of funds. The daily trading can reach up to 2,000 BILLION US dollars per day. That is the average trading value on a daily basis, but there are cases when the trading value can go up to 5 billion US dollars per day. Pretty nice for a currency exchange, am I right?

Another thing that makes this place unique is the lack of central marketplace. Unlike stock trading and other type of trades, you do not have to gather around with other people to get the best possible buying and selling price. All transactions happen instantly thanks to internet, and because all transactions take place online, you can expect to trade money nearly every hour. This makes it different from stock market where the market is only open for several hours a day.

Knowing that, surely you can understand on your own why Forex is the best place to trade currencies.

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Things You Need to Consider when You Join Forex or Forex Trading

Things You Need to Consider when You Join Forex or Forex Trading

The main point of Forex trading is about trading. If you are interested in trading in Forex, you should pay attention to these things first.

Don’t follow the hype

People sometimes become follower on what is trending. It happens too in Forex. People believe that it is so tempting in joining Forex because it can make money easily. That’s all the brokers say to everyone whenever they get the chance. What you need to do about all the tempting things is just ignore that. It is true that Forex is potential to make you rich. But without good preparation, discipline, and patience, it is no way for you to achieve that successfully. You need to enter Forex market with high responsibility and balanced, while you are focusing on the goals and work harder to achieve that. Do not pay attention to what other people say.

Do not think about vacation

You are probably confused why vacation has something to do with Forex. Well, once you commit with Forex trading, you should know the risk that sometimes you put every last cent in it. It means sometimes you sacrifice your money for vacation too. Make sure you are okay with that since you want to successfully investing in Forex market. Even though you sacrifice a lot of money for vacation or maybe your personal money, do not even think to sacrifice the money to feed your family or money that your family can’t live without. In the end of the day, you should know that 90% statistic result, trade will lead to failure. If you use all the money that should be for your family, you will put them in danger too. So, think again before you want to enter the Forex market. If you really focus and commit with your plan, you will gain much success as you expect.
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Listen, read, and practice

These important things are mandatory for you to follow. Would you buy a car without knowing the price of resale, the interior and exterior, and others? It is same with joining Forex. To avoid huge disaster, you should listen, read, and practice. You can start from listening to people’s experiences and suggestion who already in Forex market for a long time. Then, read about what Forex is, how it develops, tips and trick about that. Last but not least, practice what you have learnt by trading. Trust and stick your strategy and plan to do it. Do not let other people’s opinion or your personal emotion get in the way. By doing that regularly, you also find out your strength and weakness and how you handle them to have successful trading. read:How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

That’s all the tips we would like to share to you. We hope that the Forex market will bring the best strategy of your Forex trading you have prepared.


Three Essential Rules in Forex or Forex Trading

Three Essential Rules in Forex or Forex Trading

Nowadays, many people find Forex as the safe haven in earning money. With its great benefits, you need to equip yourself with these three rules in order to success.

Do not rely on your luck

If you are serious to make Forex as the way you earn money, you need to show to yourself that you have a prepared planning and strategy. Don’t do Forex trading just like that without any preparation. But remember, no matter how good your strategy and management technique are you will lose you money more than once. The most important thing to cope with it is to not depend on your luck only. In Forex trading, do not let your human emotion get to you.

Stick with your plan

This is the crucial and real thing to lead you in being a successful Forex trader. If you think is easy to make good strategy and money planning, try to implement them now. In Forex trading, the strategy is that you need to follow is to do the opposite thing that your heart tells you to. Some researches show that most of failure done by the traders is because they didn’t stick with their plan. After you understand that you shouldn’t rely on your luck and mix your emotions, you have to still stick with your plan no matter what. Do not let your feeling or emotion affect you to make different decision. Sometimes, our feeling that we think is right can be the downfall of our business plan. 

Use the leverage with responsible 

If you ever tried to visit the website of Forex, you probably have seen the word margin thrown and leverage. First, leverage and margin are different things. Leverage is the broker’s money, meanwhile margin is yours. For emphasis and clarity, leverage is the broker’s money, not yours. You borrow that money for all purposes and intents. Another thing that Forex traders must understand is that leverage is not only increasing your opportunities for bigger profits but also it can be a risk to lead your account’s destruction. If you use 100:1 leverage, it means that you trade your money 100 times before you borrow that money. read:7 Tips from Forex Expert Traders

In order to be more successful with Forex trading, you should read more articles about Forex on the internet. But, stick with those golden three rules and implement them correctly, at least you can avoid disasters. Good luck!

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Why Forex or Forex Trading and Gambling are not the Same

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Many people think Forex and gambling is no difference. But what factors make Forex trading and gambling different? Here, you will find out the comparison between those two industries.

Factor number 1: players

In Forex, the market is supported by several the most important and biggest financial institutions around the world. It is correct that Forex traders do not trade their money with banks, but they trade their money on retail market. Since, Forex market is supported by big organizations, the legitimacy is higher compare to gambling world. Gambling industry sometimes faces a lot of challenges related to legal front. The legitimacy of Forex is just the same as another market like commodities and stocks. So, if you are one of those people who are interested in Forex trading and taking a risk, why would you even think about putting your money on gambling where you will face morals and law in the future? read:4 Reasons to Choose Forex Trading for Investment

Factor number 2: numbers

When you think about legal issues, ethics, moral, and legitimacy, let’s bring your focus on one and only reason why people do Forex trading or gambling: money. Actually, there is no exact amount to be compared about the trading money in gambling arena and Forex market. But several statistics show that there are around 2 to 6 trillion dollars are traded every day in the Forex market. But the exact amount of trading in gambling is not really clear and surely can’t be compared.

Factor number 3: emotions

As we know that gambling causes addiction which is one of the main issues. It is because gamblers let their emotion get the best of them. When you step your foot into a casino, the only desire in your heart is getting money. When you fail to fulfill this desire, you tend to try to gamble again and again until you lose your money. This is the addiction people talk about when they gamble aggressively. Meanwhile, in Forex trading the first and essential rule is to leave all emotions behind. You should trade scientifically and objectively. Then, set the goal of your trading and stick with it. It can help you to not feel long disappointment when the result is not like what you expect. That is why strategy is really needed to trade in Forex market.
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Forex and gambling are not the same as many people think. Those factors are just the examples to differentiate gambling and Forex trading. If you have more ideas, you can list that and see why you should choose Forex instead of gambling.

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3 Misconceptions about Forex and Forex Trading

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Forex statistic shows that many traders fail. The failure sometimes is about misconception about Forex world. Here are five misconceptions about Forex trading you should know.

Forex is not about magical solution

Many people who are interested in Forex may think that Forex market is potentially bringing a lot of profits. But unfortunately, you will not make any profits with Forex without working hard and focus at it. There is no certain indicator that leads you to have much money pouring down in your pocket. You can look for a hint in the technical indicator for what thing you should do or follow. But all of that can’t be guarantee you are 100% successful. Forex is like the other things in life, the best things come to someone who waits. So, it’s not enough to learn only about what Forex is. You should learn the market, read, and practice in trading. You should expect for worse things too but don’t let them get in your way. Then, you will see day by day how much money you earn by the choices you’ve chosen.

Forex is not about getting money easily

Many Forex traders think that is interested in joining Forex because it is easy to get money from here. Yes, it is true that maybe Forex is a convenient thing you can do at home to earn money. Not to mention, you can buy a lot of amount of money just in single click. But back again, so is losing money. The trading may sound piece of cake, but how you make the profit is not as easy as you think. It takes a lot of consistency, smart strategy, knowledge of many topics, and endless patience. 

Forex is not about rush need
It is correct that the ability to trade amounts of money can let the excitement out. It seems that Forex is the right way for people who need money instantly. If that is your reason in joining Forex, get ready for a big surprise. This may be one of your expensive endeavor you try to achieve a lot of money in no time. Forex indeed gives you endless options in trading. But remember, those options come in danger too. We advise you that you shouldn’t bring any high hopes and too much excitement in the world of Forex trading. You shouldn’t think Forex is the right way for you to get money instantly. read:How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

So, those are three misconceptions about Forex trading you should know. Remember, if you have great patience and smart strategy, it is not impossible you can earn a lot of money from forex.