Forex Trading Strategis for Beginners

Forex Trading Strategis for Beginners

Forex requires proper consideration. You should not trade without a plan because it is disaster. Here are some plans for you.

Crossing Moving Average

Moving Average or MA is the most common indicator that is widely used by traders. MA can identify trend direction so that professional and novice trader will use this indicator. If MA is below the price, then this means that the price is in the bullish trend. If the MA is above the price, then the trend is bearish. This technique uses a crossing moment. The indicator line will move its position as MA passes the price and this indicates a change of direction from the trend.

Overbought and Oversold

Overbought is the condition of price increase has reached the maximum level so that the price will go down. Oversold is the price condition that descends to the most area that so the price will increase. This technique cannot be seen on the chart so you need a signal from the indicator to see the technique. The indicators consist of CCI, Stochastic, and RSI. Each indicator has different standards.

RSI will show the oversold limit at 30 and overbought at level 70. CCI will give an oversold signal when the price has been broken through -100 and overbought when the indicator is past the +100 limit. Stochastic has a level of 80 and 20. If you understand this indicator, then beginners can do the right technique to trade.The Best 3 of Forex Trading Strategies

Sideways Trading

This is a situation when prices are flat and moving steadily. This movement often occurs in the market but traders do not use this situation because this condition is not potential but the opinion is wrong. If traders understand the trading techniques in this market, then traders can benefit in an easy way. This technique relies on the level of resistance and support that becomes the upper and lower limits for prices in certain areas.

Support resistance will be determined by many things like the Pivot Point method, the Fibonacci tool, the psychological level, and the price pattern. If the price hit the support, then the price will rise. If the price is near the resistance, then the price will go down.

Breakout Trendline

This technique is different from sideways strategy because this technique can be used when the market is trending. Actually, this is a vertical line that can be the resistance and support. Breakout will occur when the price can break the trendline and the price is changing direction. If the line is tested strongly, then the breakout will be the start of the reversal.

That is forex trading strategies for beginners. Beginners must learn well in order to understand the strategy. Do not enter this trading without complete knowledge because it will make you go astray.

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