Best forex trading simulator

Best forex trading simulator

Forex trading simulator is software that allow their user to create simulations from live forex trading market. 

The key features that forex trading simulator need to consider

As this software will stimulate the real market for trading forex, then there are several aspects that need to be present in the simulator software. 
  • It has live simulation and market updates

  • It should risk free from demo account trading

  • It should have ability for test the forex trading strategies 

These key aspects can give you best description to real market before you make real trade. 

How to consider that the simulator is best software?

This guide can help you to choose best software for forex trading simulator.  
  • Ensure it provide real market environment. Have live pricing feed is important for forex trading simulator software. The feature will provide real time price data. Without this feature, you are unable to get accurate evaluation for your trades. 

  • Flexible amount deposit. It is important for use paper amount that close to sum that you expect use for real trading. When you practice with demo account you are able to grant opportunity to learn the platform from software and offer you to develop strategies and test it. 

There are two types of forex trading simulator software. 
  • First is the simulator software that corporate simple algorithm to mimic the broader market. 

  • The second is the simulator software that sophisticated platform that offers more realistic market. 

Both of these two types of trading simulation is best and useful but the second one is offer greater value. 

What are the best forex trading simulators? 

Here are several forex trading simulator that you can choose if you want to train your skill to trade forex. It is crucial for trade to choose only advanced software simulator. The user friendly simulator platform might require upgrade due to the missing features. 

No matter what, when you choose the simulator, whether it is powerful or minimalist software, the forex trading simulator give you manual tool for test the trading strategies from the historical data served and analyses the result data. 

At the last, the whole purpose from having trading simulator software is to make you understand and get the most closest experience that similar with the real market to practice. All platforms that offered is as real as you use in real but not use real money as you trade in real market.


Forex strategies for part time trader

Forex strategies for part time trader

There only few people that become full trader in forex trading.  Often, traders make their trading activity in their night, lunch or when get breakfast.  

Know your market

Assuming that you work at nine to five every day, then you can trade in after or before you work.  The best strategy to trade is either block of time that pick from the most active of currency pairs in time that you are trading.  Know what time of major currencies market open will help in choose the major pairs. Classic Technical Analysis Tool Flaw for Today’s Forex Trading

For example, during time of 12.00-2.00 am, market in Japan and Europe is available in full swing and this will be great opportunity for part time forex trader to choose major currencies pairs such as JPY/EUR, EUR/CHF, or other pairs such as HKD/SGD. 

During time frame of midnight then trader can choose AUD/JPY currency pairs as this is available for the major pairs. Remember, before place the bets, trader need to know and understand the market by learn the technical pairs as fundamental from the currencies. 

Stop the loss order

Assume that you only able to trade with minimal amount in a day, for example, 2 hours. With this condition, the best strategy that you can do is let your computer as your trading partner. As the forex trading is so fluid, then when you do not have flexibility to watching market can leave you with missed too many opportunities. 

Employ trading program can give you best strategy with giving you the updated information. The action of stop loss order means that the trading order is placed with the broker to sell the security when the item reaches the certain price. 

Price action 

Assume that you are go out for a while, then best strategies that work for part time trader can be price action trading.  The price action trading is analyzing technical or currency pair’s charts and trading that based on the charts show you. 

With this strategy, trader is able to analyze the bars, which is the current bar is higher high or higher low from the previous.  The trader also can look up from the other indicator come from outside and inside bars. 

Other strategies that can work

You can still trade in forex although you are unable to make trading for entire hour or at regular time every day. 
  • Search for long term trends

  • Set up the trading orders

  • Use the advanced technology 


Why invest on forex trading

Why invest on forex trading

If you are still hesitates on green invests in forex trading.  Then this explanation below might be able to make you rethinking again to start your forex trading.  

Trading in all the time 

One unique thing about trading forex is the transaction of trading that able to do on all times, except on weekend. You can trade 24 hours per day as you wish. You will have more opportunities for trade and also earn money. This also means that it is easier for those who started for investing although they have already full time jobs.  

Trade with leverage 

One other benefit from this trading type is you are trading with leverage. The type of leverage in Forex market is greater than you can find in other markets.  In stock market, you might meet with comparison of 2:1 leverage. But in Forex, you are able to get potential leverage of 500:1. This means you are able to control large money with small amount from your capital. 

The cost of transaction 

Another thing that trader also get from forex trading benefit is cost from your transaction. In stock market, there are many traders that need to pay commission to their broker when they have trade. If you trade often, it can cost increasingly and take most of your trading profits. In forex trading, you can earn profit without worrying big commission to pay to your broker. Tricks to Find Best Online Forex Trading Broker for Better Forex Profit 

Size and liquidity 

There is sheer size in forex trading that also becomes advantage from the trading itself. The currencies exchange market becomes the largest financial market as far as in the world with more than $4 trillion in per day volume. This largest volume means that there are no single entities that can cornering it and make extended period. 

One other thing, there are so many traders that involved in this market and this also means that the liquidity will easier to come.  When you trade, this usually will be filled instantly. 

It has less investment option 

Compare when you trade in stock market, when you invest in currencies then you just need to choose at only 20 currencies to trade in forex.  For compare, to invest in stock market, you have hundreds of options to consider as investments. 

The other benefit from forex trading that make you need to consider as reason to invest in forex trading is the simplicity. When invest in stock and bond markets, you will need to learn about company financial statement and other things. In forex trading, you just need to be an expert from several different currency pairings. 


Recommended Forex Trading Strategies You Should Learn to Earn Profit

Recommended Forex Trading Strategies You Should Learn to Earn Profit

Most of forex traders are trying to find the best strategy that gives them profit. You must know the strategy before choosing the most suitable one for trading. 

The Blade Runner Trading 

Forex traders tend to take the Blade Runner as their suitable strategy because it offers flexibility. You can use this trading for all currency pairs and timeframes. You can also pick the suitable breakouts only from trial trades. 

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trading 

Just like the name of the forex trading strategy, you can mix Fibonacci and pivots whether in a day, week, month, and even in a year. You might try to combine Fibonacci with daily pivot because you have longer timeframes than any of pivot period of time. 

Bolly Band Bounce Trading 

Do you love to try any kind of market condition? If it is so you can try to apply Bolly Band Bounce trading. The best way to apply this forex trading strategy is by waiting for the right signals. The purpose of waiting for the right signals is to give great forex trading effects. As the result, you have bigger chance to earn profit. 

Forex Dual Stochastic Trading 

In this strategy, you can choose whether you want to use the fast or slow or even combine both of them. Just use this trading strategy to choose the best trading areas in which you get the trending price in short period of time. How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

Forex Overlapping Fibonacci Trading 

This forex trading strategy is also a popular strategy for most traders. They tend to choose this strategy because it offers reliable and slower than the strategies listed above. The best one is on the great accuracy if you can combine it with the best signals.    

London Hammer Trading 

You may use this trading strategy during London session. Try to apply London Hammer trading when the price seems to be strong enough. You also need to check the condition of he support or the resistance and make sure that both of elements are also strong enough. By using the combination, you can get profit from the trading. 

The Blade Runner Reversal Trading

If the Blade Runner trading focused on the trend before making a decision, you can do the opposite if you take the blade runner reversal trading. You just need to check the best condition and price reverse from the trend. Then, you can start to make a decision to gain more profits from the forex trading

There is no best trading strategy. All of the strategies above can lead you to profit as long as you know how to make a decision. The best way to do is trying all of the forex trading strategy and find out the most suitable and profitable for you.


Forex Trading Styles and Strategies Suit To You

Forex Trading Styles and Strategies Suit To You

What is the best forex strategy that works? Actually, there is no exact strategy. All forex strategy can be worked for you. The best way to do is choosing a strategy that suit to you so you can use it to get maximal result. Instead of it, you may consider about your trading style. 

Scalping Trading Style 

There is a case that you have to take fast or short trades and scalping is the best trading style you can try. The idea of scalping is to beat the bid before you close the trades. Scalping is considered as a short or fast trading style because you can do it for a few minutes before closing the trade. 

Day Trading Style 

Just like the name, you can do daily forex trading and it is done before the end of the day. Day trading style is also a recommended style due to several benefits. For example, you can limit trades to prevent too many trades overnight. You just need to trade a few hours whereas you can set the bars and charts for a few minutes only. 

Swing Trading Style 

Do you need to do longer forex trading? Swing trading style can be a good option. By taking this trading style, you can see the position in a few days. As the result, you can find more profits in short price period of time. The best trick to get profit from swing trading style is by seeing the bars which appear hourly. 

Positional Trading Style

Positional trading style is also a good option for you who want to take long trading forex. This style involves long term trend in order to get maximal profit. Position trading style is simpler than swing trading style because you just need to check the charts at the end of the trading day. Find Best Day Trading for Profitable Forex Trading

Simple Strategy 

While choosing the best forex trading style, you still have to consider two different forex strategies which are following trend and not following it. Don’t forget to notice the price pattern to get maximal profit from the trades. If you want to follow the trend, you have to buy forex by the time the resistance breakdown and sell forex when the support level is fallen down. If you don’t want to follow the trend, you have to see the support and resistance level. You also have to check the market constantly for more stable and volatile forex trading. Try to use the styles and strategies so you can get suit to you and finally you get profit. 


Strategy of Forex Trading

Strategy of Forex Trading

Forex trading is a business activity by selling and buying foreign currency in order to get some profits. The profits are gotten from the difference of the buying price with the selling price of the foreign currency. If you want to try this kind of trading, here are some strategies which may help you.

Sideways Trading

Sideways is the situation where the price is moving stable and tend to flat. This kind of movement is often happened, but not many traders take a chance of it because it is considered less potential. In fact, if the traders know the strategy of forex trading in sideways market, profits will be easily gotten. This kind of strategy uses resistance and support levels which is the upper and lower limit of the price within the range.

The resistance supports can be determined from many things, from manual way such as using Pivot Point method or Fibonacci tool. The basic principle is, when the price strikes a tested support, it will bounce up. As the price approaches the tested resistance, the first anticipated possibility of such a move is the price bouncing down after failing to break the resistance line.

Breakout Trendline

Vice versa with sideways trading, this kind of forex trading strategy is effective when the market is trending. Trendline is basically a vertical line which acts as support when the price is up and resistance when the trend price is decreasing. Breakout happens when the price suddenly penetrates the trendline and changes direction. If the trendline line is strongly tested, then this breakout signal can be the beginning of a reversal or price reversal.

Carry Trade

Categorized as the long term strategy which aims to get some profits from positive swaps, Carry Trade is a favorite strategy of big player in forex market. The key of success of this strategy is mostly located in the choosing of pair trading. That thing happens because the pair with 2 currencies which interest rates differ considerably will provide more profits. Besides, the fundamental analysis is also the the success foundation of Carry Trade. It is because it is important for the traders to understand and follow the update of central bank interest policy. Tricks to Find Best Online Forex Trading Broker for Better Forex Profit

Carry trade strategy is really vulnerable to the changes in central bank decisions, especially if the government likes to do intervention. So that make sure you are careful if you want to use this strategy of trading forex.


All You Need to Know about Forex trading

All You Need to Know about Forex trading

Forex trading is a trade of foreign currency. It is different from the activity of buying and selling foreign currency in Money Changer, because of the purpose. While buying and selling foreign currency is done so that the person is able to do some transactions overseas, forex trading is done in order to get some profits. Since this kind of trading is a business activity. Here are some informations you may want to know about trading forex.

The Functions of Trading Forex

In the process, trading forex has some main functions that gives effects to the actors. The functions of trading forex are divided into 3:

1. To Make the Currency Exchange Process Easier

In daily economic activity, people sometime need foreign currency. Whether it is used as business activity, shopping, trip, investment, and etc. The currency exchange is able to be done with a system that called Kliring. And one of the functions of forex trading is providing that service. Forex trading is able to be done online, so that you do not have to go to Money Changer. How to Behave Before Do Forex Business and Start Forex Trading

2. Hedging

The second function of trading forex is hedging. Hedging means protecting the value. It is an act which is usually done by forex trader as a guarantee, so that the value of the investment funds is not decreased or loss when the trader sells foreign currency in 2 different markets. In this case, some banks are also taking roles, both bank inside the country and also foreign bank in the United States of America as the guarantor of the funds.

3. Arbitration

The third function of trading forex is to do arbitration. Arbitration is basically the difference of interest rate from 2 different currencies. And arbitration is an act which is done in order to get some profits from the difference of the currencies itself. Simply, this act is done by buying a low value currency in a country, and selling that currency in a country where the value of that currency is high.

Forex trading is just like double edged sword. You are able to get rich by trading forex and vice versa. Forex trading has a high risk so that you need to completely know how to do this kind of trading, and look for what kinds of risks which can happen. Make sure you are careful if you want to try this kind of trading called forex trading.


All About Forex Trading

All About Forex Trading

Forex is the abbreviation of Foreign Exchange, which means currency exchange. Here are all about forex or forex trading.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading or trading forex is a trading of currency from different countries. For instance, buying Euro (European currency) and selling USD (American currency) at the same time. In the perspective of common people, forex trading is an activity of changing money in Money Changer, or buying and selling foreign currency manually which is done in Money Changer. In fact, it is different. Usually, the purpose of people selling or buying foreign currency in Money Changer because they want to change their currency in order to do some transactions overseas. Learning The Basic Terms in Forex Trading

On the other hand, forex trading is done in order to get some profits. This kind of trading is a business activity, investigation, and it can even be a profession. The profits are gotten from the difference of buying price and selling price. Forex trading is not only able to be done physically, it is also able to be done on the internet. It is done in a platform called platform trading.

Forex Market

The actors in forex market are various, from multinational banks, big companies, countries, institution, and many more. Because the scope and the actors are global, forex market is really interesting and profitable. The market opens 24 hours because of the time difference all over the world. So that we are able to do forex trading anytime. Moreover, forex market does not have any specific physical locations. And here is the function of platform trading.

The Purpose of Forex Trading

Simply, the purpose of forex trading is to get profits from the ups and downs of the rates of currency exchange. The condition of the market and the price in forex market move very dynamically. They are able to change anytime quickly in response to economic events, politic events, disasters, wars, and many more. Specifically for countries which strong economy such as Unites States of America and Japan, if there is a sensitive information even though just a little bit, the rates of the currency will quickly move ups and downs. The traders see this event as a chance to forex trade.

The Opportunity of Forex Trading

Forex trading can only be done by big players such as big companies and institutions back then. But nowadays, all people can forex trade. With only $10, now you are also able to trade forex.


Tricks to Find Best Online Forex Trading Broker for Better Forex Profit

Tricks to Find Best Online Forex Trading Broker for Better Forex Profit

Since doing forex business is not an easy task, most people try to find guide or help to improve their profit. You are lucky because today there are some brokers that ready to help you. You need to choose right stock broker that can be found via online. In order to know best online broker that fits with your need, you better read some tips below.

Make Your Goal and Need Clearly

First thing that you must do when you are looking for online forex trading broker that fits with your need is knowing all things that you need first. You can check by click on the brokerage ads and you need to answer some questions. The questions will be related with what you really need to use, what your investment goal, what the platform that you want to use and some other things.

If you think that you don’t need broker help, you need to be independent. You need to learn about basic educational, you must know about terms and glossaries related with this business, and some other things. Online broker actually really helps you because you can get supportive staff, and you will know when the best time to start and then exit from your market.

Please Make The Field Narrow

Second way to find forex trading online broker is by narrowing the field. When you have already found your idea and your goal you need to decide basic service that you need. There are some broker features that offered to you and not all features are needed. It means you must choose features that you need by narrowing your field or chosen that suitable with your goal only.

Reputation is Important Thing

The other thing to consider when you are looking for best online broker is by checking the reputation of the online broker. Reputation will show how the online brokers help trader in doing their business. Reputation is also showing how the treat people who use their services. You can compare some options offered to you by online brokers such as methodology of this forex business. How to Behave Before Do Forex Business and Start Forex Trading

The next thing that you must consider is choosing trusted stock broker. You can read regulation of stock broker and finding the reliable one as your partner.  There are some protection types that you can find too from some broker. There are some brokers offer you guarantee so you can use their help without feel so stress. You need to remember that you play with your money and you like to get more profit from this forex business.


How to Behave Before Do Forex Business and Start Forex Trading

How to Behave Before Do Forex Business and Start Forex Trading

Forex  is like a gold that makes people like to have and earn. There are some people start to play as trader of this business although is not an easy task to do. Most people get profit but most other people get loses too. Some people try to continue their business and the other one chooses to stop and choose other business. Most of them who get some loses don’t know how to play and earn big profit with this business.

Actually when you do forex trading business, it is not always about knowledge that you must have. It is important to know about term, chart. Stocks market, broker and some other things related with this business but it is also important to know how to behave when you do this business. When you don’t know how to behave in this business, it will lead you to stress and get more loses too. So, what you must do then? You can get answers here.

Just Be Realistic with Business

First thing that you must do when you start with forex business is be realistic.  You should think that you always want to be a winner but when you have already winning all the time or get 50% profit it times to stop first. It helps you to avoid bigger loses in the future time. You also need to know that all things have risks. When you know the risks then you will play with realistic way too. The most important thing that you must know is when the time you must enter and when you need to exit this business. What You Should Know about Forex Trading and Bitcoin

Please Stay Cool

Next tip that you must do when you start this forex trading business is staying cool. Some people feel so stress with all pressures in trading market. It will make you difficult to focus on your goal and what to achieve. It is good to take a breath when you think that you get a problem. You need to stay cool so you will not make your decision based on your heart but based on your analysis.

All traders need to learn how to keep greed too and then hope all things are good. All traders need to learn about fear so they know strategy to avoid their problems in the future time. Overall, all traders need to take decision not only because emotion but by logic.

Before you start your trading, it is good to make a plan. This plan is good to do evaluation after you do trading for a week or more. Now, it is time to try forex business.


Find Best Day Trading for Profitable Forex Trading

Find Best Day Trading for Profitable Forex Trading

Forex is kind of business that can be done by all people from all background. This business can be done by all people who want to learn strategy, method and focus on system of business. There are some benefits that you can get when you do this kind of business. You need to know some terms of this business too so you can run this business in smooth way.

Knowing about strategy, method, broker and also terms of this business is not enough. You need to know about day of forex trading too. What is day of trading? It is time to act selling or buying your financial instrument in the same day or more than one day. It will influence your position and lead you to get profit or loses in this business.

Use Your Knowledge as Power

How to know best time to trade? You need to have knowledge. Knowledge is your power that leads you to know and analysis all things. You should not only know about basic procedures in trading but what you need to know is stocks market, events in the world that influence your movement and some other things. You should find news and see the economic situation in some countries too.

Reading newspaper or finding information in some websites will really help you to always update your knowledge about news and economic situation in the world. Forex business will always relate with all things in the world and in market.

Accurate Calculation Before Day of Trading

How to know the best time to do forex trading? You need to calculate all things and set amount side too. It is good to know more about the risk of your trade. For all successful traders, they will get loses 1%-2% every trading activity. You also need to set surplus of the fund that you use for this business. The important thing is preparing yourself from loses that you will get. 4 Important Tools for Success Forex Trading

Day of Trading with Small Start

You can start your trade by using start small first. You can start a small and lose small too. It is good to start and focus on one of two stocks per trading sessions. When you start will few stocks you can track and also find your opportunities in easy way. You can increase your chance to get bigger profit too. You can use broker that help you based on your trading platform too. When you think that you are ready to start your trade then you can start your forex now.


How to Focus on Forex and Forex Trading

How to Focus on Forex and Forex Trading

Forex business is chosen by so many people in the world because it can be done from all places and anytime people want.  Most people try to do this business because they know that they can get profit. Unfortunately they play this business without enough knowledge about trading. There are two common mistakes that usually done by people who do this business.

First they don’t know more about this forex trading and how to play with this business. It means they just play this business because of their friend’s iinvitation or they follow other people who have already played with this business and get more money. How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

Second, most traders can’t be consistent in this business. They are not patient and they don’t have strategy to play this business. Because it is big mistake that usually done by most traders, you need to know how to solve this problem if you want to success in this business. here, you can get some information about how to be focus in this business.

Accept Small Loses

When you do this forex business, please make sure that you consider your money as vacation money. When your vacation is over then you must earn money again. You need to prepare your heart too for small loses because small loses is common in this business. If you feel stress because of your small loses, it leads you to play this business in high risk tone. You will get more loses in the future time.

Count All Things First

The next tip to focus on your business is by calculating all things before you take action. You need to prepare 2% of your total money and you should not count it as your profit. It means you are ready to lose your 2% of total funds. If you have already played and lost more than 2% of your total fund, it times for you to stop first and prepare for new strategy of forex business.

Perform Your Analysis in a Week

Starting business needs a plan and you must do analysis too every week. On the weekend you need to do study chart to analysis your movement in a week. You can count again all things and you can check pattern and news of your trade.  You can continue your trading when you have positive feedback and good analysis too.

After you know some ways to focus on your trading, you can choose to start this business and start be focus on your forex trading market.


Forex Trader Skills to Know Before Doing Forex Trading

Forex Trader Skills to Know Before Doing Forex Trading

Forex is well known today because it helps people to earn profits more. Actually not all people know to trade with this kind of business. That is why having skills in this business is really needed. There are some ways to improve your knowledge about this kind of business. You can browse in some websites or you need to read about trader skills to have before you trade.

Having Clear Goal

Before you do forex trading, it is so important to know and have your goal. Creating your goal is crucial thing so you know what you look and what you want to earn. You need to know your destination and how to achieve your goal. In order to achieve your goal, you need to have a tool. Each of types of trading will need different style and different tool too.

Knowing your position is also important because you will know where to start and when the best time to start your trading too. What is trader position? It is thing that is considered by all traders. When you don’t have goal and tool to trade, it will lead you to stress and finally you have big possibility to get some losses.

Choosing Broker that Fits with Trading Platform

The next thing that you must know before you do forex business is choosing right broker that is suitable with your trading platform. Each of trading platforms needs different analysis that is why you need to choose right broker. Choosing reputable broker will become important task and it helps to earn profits more. Sometime choosing right broker will need longer time.

What you must consider before you choose right broker for your business platform?

-       Read Broker’s Policy

-       Experience of Broker

-       Review of people who have already used broker’s services

You need to choose broker that suitable for the analysis that you need. When you play with Fibonacci platform, you need to use broker offers you Fibonacci lines. It helps you to avoid some problems when you trade. You need to look your chart to evaluate your movement in this business so you can conclude whether you need to continue or stop the business.

Know Where Enter and Exit

The last thing that you must know before you do trading knows when the best time to enter the trading and also exit the trading. You need to be wised in playing this forex business. You should use analysis to know the right time to do action. Whatever your methodology and strategies that you use, please make sure that you are consistent in playing your forex trading.


The Risk of Forex Trading with Bitcoin

The Risk of Forex Trading with Bitcoin

Nowadays, Bitcoin can be used for forex trading. However, there are some risks you need to know before try it.

The Exchange Rates

Bitcoin can be used on multiple exchange rates and currencies. And, Forex broker usually only use one or several exchange rates for Bitcoin Forex trading service that they have. If you don’t understand about the exchange rate, you can lose lot of money.

No Regulations

Bitcoin system doesn’t have specific party that holds the order or regulations. Therefore, there are many possibilities of misused by unregulated broker. This will only make you lose more money, while give more profit for that broker.

For example, the exchange rates of Bitcoin are fluctuated from $500 to $560 in a day. Then, when you make deposit, the Forex broker can set the exchange rates for your Bitcoin at the lowest limit. So, for example you have to deposit 2 Bitcoin, you will only get $1,000.

However, when you want to make a withdrawal after you get profit from place your fund in right position, the broker will use the highest exchange rates. So, you only get 1.78571 Bitcoin ($1,000/$560 = 1.78571 Bitcoin). So, you can see that the value of your deposit has decreased quite a lot.

High Leverage Risk

For beginner, high leverage here means big loss. The high leverage has a chance to give you more money, if you make right trading. However, for beginner who doesn’t have too much experiences as well as good skill, you will only losing lot of your fund. So, we can say this trading is only for professional, for beginner, do not even try it. Things to Avoid when Doing Forex Trading

Safety Risk

This is actually risk that you also need to face, when you use standard Forex trading method. However, with Bitcoin that you can only keep in your or broker’s digital wallet, there is a chance that someone can break and take it. To deal with it, you need to find Forex broker that has theft protection insurance.

The New System

Bitcoin and Blockchain is new system that hasn’t been implemented on current financial system. Although we have to admit, the world finance is going into this cryptocurrency direction, but for today, it’s not easy system to use.

Trading in forex with Bitcoin is indeed interesting. However, with that high risk, you may need to consider it as alternative. Remember, investment diversity is the secret to make profit.


What You Should Know about Forex Trading and Bitcoin

What You Should Know about Forex Trading and Bitcoin

Have you tried forex trading with using Bitcoin? If you want to try it, here is some information you must know.

How to Start It

Of course, first you need to get Bitcoin. There are many cryptocurrency projects, where you can get and mine for Bitcoin. After you get the Bitcoin that you need, you can start your Forex trading. What To Know In Forex Trading

Next, you need to find broker that provide Forex trading with Bitcoin, for example AvaTrade, Liteforex and other. Then, you need to make deposit like when you open standard Forex account. You need to use Bitcoin here, and usually you will need to use 2 Bitcoin to open the account. You can transfer it directly from your digital wallet. 

With just opening account and invest your Bitcoin on Forex market, you can get profit from it. For example, when you deposit your Bitcoin, the value of 1 Bitcoin is $500, which means you will have $1,000 in your account. Then, you want to take the position in British pounds, where there exchange rate is £0.5 per $1. You will get £500. 

Then, the rate changes into £0.45. You will get 11.11% profit from it, so the money in your account will be $1,111.11. Then, the US$ exchange rate is also changing, you will get the extra change, which will add to your money in your account. So, basically, you can get lot of profits from it.

The Benefits of Trading With Bitcoin

Other than easy profit like mentioned above, there are also other benefits you can get from using Bitcoin for Forex trading. For example:

  • Decentralized concept means the value of your fund won’t be changed randomly by specific party. Therefore, you can easily plan your investment, which will increase your chance of success.

  • High Leverage, which will give you high trading margin. This will give you more freedom to get more profit. For professional trader, this will become bigger chance to make money, but there is also big risk behind it. So, you need high skill and experiences here.

  • No Transaction Costs. This means you don’t need to pay other party service for the transaction that you’ve made.  

With Blockchain system, which is the base system of Bitcoin, that has stabilized today, trading with Bitcoin could become your best choice. It’s easy, doesn’t need too much deposit and safer. With right strategy, you can get more profit from forex.


4 Important Tools for Success Forex Trading

4 Important Tools for Success Forex Trading

In forex trading, trading tool will help you a lot. So, here are some tools that you can use for your trading.

Session Highlighter Forex Tool

This tool will be able to tell you the price movement of various Forex market in the world. As we all know, each major Forex market has different opening and closing session. And, in each session, there is also different characteristic of price movement as well as the currency condition. 

Session Highlighter Forex Tool will be able to automatically put different color to specific event and critical moment in each Forex market. This will help you to easily notice the change that was happening and make decision based on that. 

Forex Volatility Tools

This tool will help you to know the currency pair movement in a day. You can find how the price moves per hour. It can compare it between days in a week and the changes of its volatility as well. 

This information will be useful for understanding how you should trade in order to reach your profit target. The volatility movement wouldn’t be able to tell you where the price will move. However, you can use it to find out the price movement limit. How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

Forex Position Summaries and COT Data

With this tool, you can get up-to-date information about the position of the trader. Are they on the long part or on the short on certain currencies? Then, you can watch the ratio changes when the price moves. This tool also allows you to predict the movement of the price based on this information. This will be useful to decide which position where you should out from the trading.

Forex Correlation Tool

Currency usually moves in pair. There are three different movements that you can find. They are move in the same direction, opposite direction or move freely. This tool will give you information about the movement of the currencies in Forex market. 

The information from this tool can be used to decide your trade. For example, if you find out that your target currency move in the same direction, it means you will face high risk trading. This is a win all or loses all situations.

Actually, there are many more tools you can us in forex. Those 4 are only few of them. Just choose the tool that you think fit with your trading style and strategy. The tool will help you to get best result.


Classic Technical Analysis Tool Flaw for Today’s Forex Trading

Classic Technical Analysis Tool Flaw for Today’s Forex Trading

In forex trading, the usage of Technical Analysis tool is common. This is indeed useful tool, but you should know more about it.

What is Technical Analysis Tool?

For you who are new in Forex trading, Technical Analysis tool is the tool that has capability in predicting or speculating the Forex market movement. This tool will be able to read the price movement. It uses special formula that calculates many different factors, from the pattern in the past to the current world economy situation, to provide the information. The information that you can get mostly are price movement, trading pattern and many more.

Technical Analysis is actually an old tool. The formula or price pattern in it has been used since 115 years ago. The first implementation of this formula was on stock market. Today, many tool creators use the same price pattern to provide the tool that you can use for Forex Trading. And, this is where we can find the problem.

Price Pattern

There are two different type of price pattern you can find in Technical Analysis tool. They are reversal price patterns and continuation price pattern. The problem lies on reversal price pattern.

The reversal price pattern is used to tell you, when the trend will be reserved. Some of patterns that can be identified with this formula are Diamond Pattern, Double Top/Bottom, Head and Shoulders, and many more. 

However, the price pattern this tool used here is the old price pattern. This old price pattern combines price movement and trading volume. For stocks market, this formula will work fine. However, today’s Forex trading doesn’t use trading volume as the factor to calculate the trading. The reason is the trader can’t check the volume trading information.

Yes, Technical Analysis still can give you information about Forex trading correctly. However, the factor that can make the result going array is still there. You don’t want to rely on the tool that can give you wrong information at the critical moment for your investment and fund, don’t you? 
Therefore, it’s good idea, if you look for the tool that has latest formula and price pattern in its system. With that you will be able to get correct and accurate information, which will become your base to make decision. Remember, making right decision in forex is the core of successful trading. Of course, good strategy and skill is also necessary to have.


4 Beginner Tips to Success in Forex Trading

4 Beginner Tips to Success in Forex Trading

Are you interested to forex trading? Here are beginner tips that will help you to trade. And, you also can save more money.


You must be able to survive. You can’t be a winner forever. Every trader, even professional trader, has experiences of losing in their trading. Therefore, you need to prepare.

The best way to do this is by having good money management. The simple formula is you don’t take risk more than 3% of your fund. This will help you to pass the beginner phase. More than that, you also need to have discipline and self control, in order to keep your fund and survive in the game.

Stop Loss

This is the strategy, where you set a limit of the price, when your broker should do a sell. And, as beginner, you can’t set the limit too high. Just make sure you set the price that match with your fund and skill capability, as well as your risk tolerance.

The benefits of using stop loss strategy are your account and fund is safer. Therefore, you don’t need to worry, if you choose bad trade. The reason is when your trade goes bad, there is limit that you have set before, and the broker will automatically deal with that trade. This is the important strategy to save money for beginner.

Be Realistic

Forex trading isn’t instant profit grabbing. It’s like a plant. You need to nurture your fund and investment, choose right time to buy or sell, and after that, you will get the profit. Therefore, you can’t just expect that your $500 will turn into $10K in just few months. Some expert trader even needs years to turn their $100 into $10K. 

So, choose the realistic target for every six months or a year. Match it with your fund and ability to trade. Then, once you succeed, increase the target level. By doing it slowly, you will be able to get more profit than you ever imagined.

Making Friends

Yes, you can do Forex trading from your house, by yourself. However, it’s important, if you also make connection with other traders. Information is important thing in Forex world. And, usually, you will get them faster from someone that you’re close with, especially if this someone is also trader. You will get best information from them.

Basically, those tips are what you need to know when you want to know forex and trading in its market. Follow them, learn, develop your strategy and be aware of the market situation, then you will be successful trader. 


Learning The Basic Terms in Forex Trading

Learning The Basic Terms in Forex Trading

Trading in Forex Exchange – or Forex – is a thing that becomes so popular in nowadays. We invest our money by buying currency to trade. Which means, we buy a currency and sell it when the value is higher than we first buy. To help you know more about this kind of trading, we have some information that you can read below.

Learning the basic terms

Here, you should learn about the basic things of Forex. There are some terms that you must understand before trading in Foreign Exchange. Such as the exchange rate, long position, short position, bid price, ask price, and spread. Besides, you need to understand the type of a currency which you are spending in. Here, we will elaborate those terms in order to give you important information to understand the basic terms.

The first is the Exchange Rate.  The term has a meaning which tells us how much we spend in the currency to purchase other currencies. The next is long position, this term means that you purchase base currency and then sell your quote currency. For example, you want to sell your British pounds to purchase Japanese yen. Another term is short position, which is the opposite of long position. So, you purchase quote currency and sell your base currency.
The next is to ask the price, which means the price that you set when you want to sell your base currency to change it for the quote currency. Here, this term is considered as the best price that you can purchase in the trading market. Another term that you must know is bid price. What you need to know is, this term is the opposite of ask price. So, this term means that you will purchase base currency as an exchange for the quote currency. That bid price will be the best price when you want to sell your quote currency in the market.

Decide the currency you will spend in

Because the Forex Exchange is elastic, we must up to date about the economic condition of a country. Here, it will be useful when we want to buy and sell currency. For example, when the economy of Japanese continues to weaken, the Japanese Yen will be affected and it is not good. So, you can sell your Yen in an exchange for another currency from other countries which have strong economy. Besides, you can see the politic condition. Why? Because it will affect the value of currency in a country.


What To Know In Forex Trading

What To Know In Forex Trading

The attraction of Foreign Exchange – or commonly known as Forex – has made people join in trading market. Of course, we can just invest our wealth by buying a currency, then selling it when the rate gives benefit to us. Here, if you are interested in Forex Trading, we have some tips that you can follow.

What To Notice in Forex Trading

Because where we are going to trade is in a digital environment, we must create an account which we will use in Forex trading. If you have already known about the equity market, Forex trading has similar method with it. Besides, there is a term which you must know before you start trading in Forex. It is called leverage. Here, leverage is commonly known as the ability which is used to control a large amount of capital. If we take a higher leverage, then the risk which come to us will be higher. But, the risk is comparable with the benefit that we will get.
Introduction of Forex Trading and Its Market

In this point, the leverage depends on a ratio which we choose. Here, we can use a ratio in 50 : 1 for the minimum amount, and use a ratio 250 : 1 in the maximum amount. If we prefer choose the 50 : 1 ratio, then every dollar which we have in our account is up to $50. It doesn’t mean that we can only do trading in $50, yet we can change the amount. For example, we have $1000 dollar in our account. Then, the broker who help us will lend money in digital market as much as $50,000. So, we have $50,000 that can be used to trade.

Unlike in the equity market which requires us to pay the broker if we get benefit, you don’t need to do it in Forex trading. Why? Because we are dealing with the market makers and don’t require us to go through other parties – which is broker.

Another Information

On the other hand, Forex Trading only exists in the digital world. So, you need to know the latest information about the value of currency. Here, this will be useful when we want to sell or buy currency. If the currency we have has more value when we sell it than we buy it, we need to sell it to get benefit. As simple as that, yet we must be aware about the latest news. Lastly, you can go browsing on the internet to know the value of each currency.


Learn Forex: What Is Forex Trading?

Learn Forex: What Is Forex Trading?

Nowadays, currency trading has become something that can give a promising value. As we know, currencies are elastic, it can goes up and goes down. So, when you buy a currency in low price then you sell it in higher price, then you get profit of it. Like Forex, a currency trading which you can try its benefit.

Perhaps, you may already know about Forex trading. Here, Forex stands for foreign exchange. This kind of trading is performed in large financial corporations, institutions, hedge funds, and even wealthy individuals. What makes this currency trading popular is because the development of technology – which is the internet. Here, we can easily do trading by clicking your mouse via online accounts. Whether we are going to buy or sell our currencies, we don’t need to give an extra effort to do it. 7 Tips from Forex Expert Traders

However, because the fluctuations which happen in the market are relatively small. We can’t gain a big profit if we trade in small value. For example, the change of currencies commonly goes up or goes down less in 1 cent in a day. Here, it can be considered as representing 1% in the value of the currency. The amount of your trading value is called leverage. In common, the leverage which is being traded has a ratio 250 : 1. Even though it is risky, but if a broker is able to take the chance with the right decision, we can get a big profit.

Can we do it by ourselves?

Yes, of course. We can do trading by ourselves. However, if we don’t really understand about the foreign currency markets, it is better for us to hire a professional. Here, a professional broker will create an account – which is on your behalf – that can be used to do trading in Forex. Besides, we will be assisted by a professional broker before buying or selling our currencies in the market.

Is there any tip in Forex trading?

Because the value is elastic, the change can never by expected in the exact time. So, we need to be aware about the economic condition in recent. This means, we also need to read the latest information about currency trading. Here, you can go browsing on the internet in a particular time. Why? Because some changes can be identified when you have already known the highest traffic in trading market. Lastly, if you hire a professional broker which is experienced in Forex, you will be teached about this.


Things to Avoid when Doing Forex Trading

Things to Avoid when Doing Forex Trading

As it has trading volume for more than USD 4trillion, Forex is undeniably the biggest financial market in the world. Its popularity also leads many people to join no matter from what realm they comes from. It is important for sure to learn about strategy of Forex. But more than that, there are actually some matters to be avoided also. What are they?

Too Lazy to Learn about the Details of Forex

To enter Forex trading is indeed very easy. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t ned to learn about its details. The majority of learning Forex comes from the experiences and live trading. However, a good trader must also learn about it by studying the economy factors and any geopolitics conditions that can influence the currency in the market. A trader must work even harder and prepare anything to face the challenges in any conditions, regulations, and events that can give significant effects in the market.

Directly Use Big Capital at the Beginning

It is recommended for any beginner in Forex to use big capital. Yes, small capital is better to let you know and learn more about the situations to be handled. There are some factors like wrong predictions and others become the main reasons for this. As a beginner, it is undeniably difficult to understand and take into account of those problems. If you have been successful with small account, it is a good time to increase the capital. Yes, the main principle of any trading is basically just the same; high risk, high returns. How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

Have No Risk Management

Something that must be avoided during trading is about doing it without any risk management. There is no trading system that can guarantee for 100% for not being lost. So, one of the main keys to gain the profit is having risk management. Whether the trading will be successful or not, it depends on how you can control the risk. Risk control can be defined as a method to evaluate the loss potential as well as take steps to decrease and even remove the risk itself.

Doesn’t protect your trading account

The risk of being lost is getting higher when a trader doesn’t put efforts to protect the account he or she has. There are some common ways to protect the account including doing the right money management. Aside from that, you have to know as well where to receive the loss and continue the forex trading. Meanwhile, use also Stop Loss feature to protect the account and make sure that the loss will not be too big.


3 Forex Strategies Widely Used by the Professionals

3 Forex Strategies Widely Used by the Professionals3 Forex Strategies Widely Used by the Professionals

Talking about Forex trading, it cannot be separated from the strategies may be used for gaining profit. But you should not be easily tempted with those declared in the internet. Not all of them are true and functioned well. However, there are at least 3 strategies that are commonly applied by professional traders. Make sure to see the situations before deciding to use them in your Forex transactions.

Do trading when there are strong fundamental factors

What does it mean? This way basically takes advantages of market responses when the data of economy are released. In general, the market will move in more volatile ways when the number of certain data is announced to be better or worse than the prediction.

A good example is related to the data of US non-farm payrolls (NFP). If it is released to be better than the prediction, USD is getting stronger significantly at least on its first 20 minutes. On the other hand, when it is worse, USD is weaker anyway. In other words, other currencies to be exchanged will be influenced as well whether it is stronger or weaker. Here are the facts based on the data released recently; when USD is stronger; its pairs like EUR/ USD, AUD/ USD, and GBP/ USD will move lower.

Use intact number as the resistance

What is the kind of number you commonly see in the Forex exchanges? They are things like 1.356775, 1.56687, and others. Meanwhile, it is rarely to see any number like 1.0000, 0.50000, 150.000, and so on. In fact, the intact number is also known as the psychology level which is on the support area or key resistance. When you see the value is moved above that psychology level area, the level is known as the key support. You can open the buy position with stop loss there. On the other hand, when the value is below, the opportunities can be found to open the cell positions.

Use the Combination of Technical Indicators

This is what we commonly call as the trading system. Many professional traders use some technical indicators at once so that one of them can cover up another’s weakness. The signal given can be confirmed as well at this stage. To learn more about this strategy, you can refer to the technical analysis applied by market teams that use some tools like Stochastic Oscillator, Moving Average, Fibonacci Retracement, CCI, and so on.