4 Beginner Tips to Success in Forex Trading

4 Beginner Tips to Success in Forex Trading

Are you interested to forex trading? Here are beginner tips that will help you to trade. And, you also can save more money.


You must be able to survive. You can’t be a winner forever. Every trader, even professional trader, has experiences of losing in their trading. Therefore, you need to prepare.

The best way to do this is by having good money management. The simple formula is you don’t take risk more than 3% of your fund. This will help you to pass the beginner phase. More than that, you also need to have discipline and self control, in order to keep your fund and survive in the game.

Stop Loss

This is the strategy, where you set a limit of the price, when your broker should do a sell. And, as beginner, you can’t set the limit too high. Just make sure you set the price that match with your fund and skill capability, as well as your risk tolerance.

The benefits of using stop loss strategy are your account and fund is safer. Therefore, you don’t need to worry, if you choose bad trade. The reason is when your trade goes bad, there is limit that you have set before, and the broker will automatically deal with that trade. This is the important strategy to save money for beginner.

Be Realistic

Forex trading isn’t instant profit grabbing. It’s like a plant. You need to nurture your fund and investment, choose right time to buy or sell, and after that, you will get the profit. Therefore, you can’t just expect that your $500 will turn into $10K in just few months. Some expert trader even needs years to turn their $100 into $10K. 

So, choose the realistic target for every six months or a year. Match it with your fund and ability to trade. Then, once you succeed, increase the target level. By doing it slowly, you will be able to get more profit than you ever imagined.

Making Friends

Yes, you can do Forex trading from your house, by yourself. However, it’s important, if you also make connection with other traders. Information is important thing in Forex world. And, usually, you will get them faster from someone that you’re close with, especially if this someone is also trader. You will get best information from them.

Basically, those tips are what you need to know when you want to know forex and trading in its market. Follow them, learn, develop your strategy and be aware of the market situation, then you will be successful trader. 


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