Recommended Forex Trading Strategies You Should Learn to Earn Profit

Recommended Forex Trading Strategies You Should Learn to Earn Profit

Most of forex traders are trying to find the best strategy that gives them profit. You must know the strategy before choosing the most suitable one for trading. 

The Blade Runner Trading 

Forex traders tend to take the Blade Runner as their suitable strategy because it offers flexibility. You can use this trading for all currency pairs and timeframes. You can also pick the suitable breakouts only from trial trades. 

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trading 

Just like the name of the forex trading strategy, you can mix Fibonacci and pivots whether in a day, week, month, and even in a year. You might try to combine Fibonacci with daily pivot because you have longer timeframes than any of pivot period of time. 

Bolly Band Bounce Trading 

Do you love to try any kind of market condition? If it is so you can try to apply Bolly Band Bounce trading. The best way to apply this forex trading strategy is by waiting for the right signals. The purpose of waiting for the right signals is to give great forex trading effects. As the result, you have bigger chance to earn profit. 

Forex Dual Stochastic Trading 

In this strategy, you can choose whether you want to use the fast or slow or even combine both of them. Just use this trading strategy to choose the best trading areas in which you get the trending price in short period of time. How to Get Profit from Forex Trading

Forex Overlapping Fibonacci Trading 

This forex trading strategy is also a popular strategy for most traders. They tend to choose this strategy because it offers reliable and slower than the strategies listed above. The best one is on the great accuracy if you can combine it with the best signals.    

London Hammer Trading 

You may use this trading strategy during London session. Try to apply London Hammer trading when the price seems to be strong enough. You also need to check the condition of he support or the resistance and make sure that both of elements are also strong enough. By using the combination, you can get profit from the trading. 

The Blade Runner Reversal Trading

If the Blade Runner trading focused on the trend before making a decision, you can do the opposite if you take the blade runner reversal trading. You just need to check the best condition and price reverse from the trend. Then, you can start to make a decision to gain more profits from the forex trading

There is no best trading strategy. All of the strategies above can lead you to profit as long as you know how to make a decision. The best way to do is trying all of the forex trading strategy and find out the most suitable and profitable for you.


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