Why invest on forex trading

Why invest on forex trading

If you are still hesitates on green invests in forex trading.  Then this explanation below might be able to make you rethinking again to start your forex trading.  

Trading in all the time 

One unique thing about trading forex is the transaction of trading that able to do on all times, except on weekend. You can trade 24 hours per day as you wish. You will have more opportunities for trade and also earn money. This also means that it is easier for those who started for investing although they have already full time jobs.  

Trade with leverage 

One other benefit from this trading type is you are trading with leverage. The type of leverage in Forex market is greater than you can find in other markets.  In stock market, you might meet with comparison of 2:1 leverage. But in Forex, you are able to get potential leverage of 500:1. This means you are able to control large money with small amount from your capital. 

The cost of transaction 

Another thing that trader also get from forex trading benefit is cost from your transaction. In stock market, there are many traders that need to pay commission to their broker when they have trade. If you trade often, it can cost increasingly and take most of your trading profits. In forex trading, you can earn profit without worrying big commission to pay to your broker. Tricks to Find Best Online Forex Trading Broker for Better Forex Profit 

Size and liquidity 

There is sheer size in forex trading that also becomes advantage from the trading itself. The currencies exchange market becomes the largest financial market as far as in the world with more than $4 trillion in per day volume. This largest volume means that there are no single entities that can cornering it and make extended period. 

One other thing, there are so many traders that involved in this market and this also means that the liquidity will easier to come.  When you trade, this usually will be filled instantly. 

It has less investment option 

Compare when you trade in stock market, when you invest in currencies then you just need to choose at only 20 currencies to trade in forex.  For compare, to invest in stock market, you have hundreds of options to consider as investments. 

The other benefit from forex trading that make you need to consider as reason to invest in forex trading is the simplicity. When invest in stock and bond markets, you will need to learn about company financial statement and other things. In forex trading, you just need to be an expert from several different currency pairings. 


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