Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading

Price action trading in forex trading is method on analyze who control the price, bulls or bears or if they are able to stay in control.  Here is how you can analyze who control the price with simple techniques below. 

The techniques of price action trading in forex 
  • Support and Resistance areas

These two areas are selling and buy areas that you can find it easily and place in the chart. Once the price is hit on these two areas, then it is time that you know will stay or reverse act. This means that you are able to buy or sell in right moment. 

  • The advance analysis of candlestick 

The advanced candlestick analysis is deeper from basic doji equal reversal tools that you have ever seen. Once you are able to understand this chart, then this chart will tell you on who control the price (bulls or bears) is and whether you are selling or buying act. 

What are the secret of forex trading that most missed?  When you commit to be successful forex trader, then you need to be skilled on these secret to earn big earnings in forex. 

Benefit from the price action trading strategy

These two techniques are basic for price action strategy.   The technique is work for all market conditions, earning consistent profits; it is ranging from low volatility into high volatility.  What makes this strategy great? 

  • It is no indicator
  • It is no stress result with complicated techniques and tools
  • It is simple, no confusing techniques to run 

Trader that uses this price action trading is used by speculation, retail trader, or trading firm that employs traders. The price action trading is the systematic trading action that helpful by recent historical price data and technical analysis tools. 

When use price action trading, it requires multiple options to recognize the trading patterns, the exit and entrance levels, the stop loss orders and other that related with the trading. Have only one strategy may not give sufficient opportunities in trading. 

What tools requires in price action trading? 

Since the price action trading are related with recent historical data and the movement price in past, then there are entire technical analysis tools such as price bands, trends lines, technical level (of supports, consolidation and level),  is include in the trader strategy option. 

The tools are observed by trader itself and able to show such as simple price bars, trend lines, or the complex combination such as candlestick, channel, volatility and many more. 

The other things that also affect the price action trading are psychological and behavioral interpretation and the subsequent actions.


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